A solid and robust instrument, designed and customized according to the process conditions.

The movement of the float, containing a magnet, rotates the flags showing the red face in presence of liquid and the white face in his absence.

It can work as a Level Transmitter or as a Level Switch mounting the appropriate accessories.

A versatile instrument, available in different materials of construction (metallic, plastic, teflon coated), and adapt to the most extreme conditions: highly corrosive fluids, high pressures, extreme temperatures.

An instrument appreciated for the easy maintenance and inspectionability, that can be completed with many optionals: graduated scale, insulation, electric tracing, tubes team or jacket steam tracing, brackets for mounting, full penetration welds execution, special paintings.

In addition to standard tests, it is possible to require: penetration test, hydrostatic test, RX test on full-penetration welds, tests on painting, PMI test, hardness test, ferrite test.

And many aprovals are available: PED, EAC, ATEX, NACE..

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