Bourdon tube pressure switches, for high pressures

Bourdon tube pressure switch suitable for a variety of applications such as: chemical, petrochemical, conventional power station where the operating pressure is middle-high. They withstand the most unfavourable working conditions, caused by either the process fluid aggressiveness or high ambient temperature.

– Bourdon tube pressure switch
– Ranges 0/10…0/600 bar
– Complete of 1 or 2 SPDT microswitches (different executions available: standard, SPLASH, goldplated, inert gas filled, inert gas filled goldplated, adjustable dead band, SPLASH VDC, inert gas filled VDC)
– Differential: fixed or adjustable from 10% to 50% of setting range (depending on microswitch)
– Internal set point adjustment, also external accessible
– Protection degree IP55
– Process temperature max 150°C, ambient temperature -25/+65°C
– Process connection in AISI316
– Elastic element: bourdon tube in AISI316L
– Case and cover in painted stainless steel