Bürkert Mass Flow Controllers

Our mass flow controllers are compact devices that control the mass flow of gases.

They control a pre-set flow reference value, regardless of disturbing variables such as pressure, fluctuations or temporary flow resistances, for example due to dirt in the filter.

Mass flow controllers consist of the following components: flow sensor, electronics and a control solenoid valve as actuator. The reference value is set electrically via an analog signal or Fieldbus. The actual value measured by the sensor is compared in the controller with the reference value. The controller supplies a pulse width of the modulated voltage signal to the actuator as a correction variable and varies it according to the recorded control deviation. The actual value is also transmitted externally via an analog or fieldbus signal.

Thanks to its easy installation, the compact structure of the Mass Flow Controller ensures the convenient operation of a complete (closed) control circuit.

In the event that a process requires only a mass flow measurement and no control, mass flow meters are the right choice. The only difference from mass flow controllers is that the actuation valve does not exist.

All mass flow controllers operate at a nominal voltage of 24 VDC, have low pressure drop, and do not require inlet or outlet flow conditioning.


Sensor technology:

  • Sensor in line
  • Capillary sensor
  • MEMS sensor


Our technical sales office is available to study the suitable solution for specific applications.