Bürkert Pneumatics & Process Interfaces

Pneumatic technology is known for its high reliability and strength.
Our range offers new standards in factory automation and process control.

Factory automation

Factory automation refers to the automation of computer-aided manufacturing in all technical aspects and in all organizational areas. A particular point to underline concerns the automatic assembly of sub-assemblies and devices. This primarily requires transport systems, material flow systems, handling systems, robotic systems and computer-connected measurement systems.

In many cases, pneumatic actuators (e.g. cylinders) are used for this purpose.

These systems must interact without problems at high speed in the production process.


Process Control and Supervision

Food, chemical and pharmaceutical industries, with their complex installations, require a high level of decentralization and conversion or expansion during operation.

Our solutions allow you to focus on an optimal, reliable and efficient process.

The pilot valves required for actuator control can be mounted in various environments (classified and non-classified areas) and in different ways (centralized or decentralized automation).

Our range extends from pilot valves mounted directly on the actuator to centralized valve islands with Fieldbus interface, contained in control cabinets (AirLINE and AirLINE Ex).

The choice of a centralized valve island involves a series of electropneumatic connections, from the central unit to the single element. The corresponding pneumatic tubing must be installed from the electrical cabinet to the final control element.

We offers with ELEMENT positioners and controllers a valid alternative to this series of wiring: a wide range of equipment to implement, monitor, network, position and decentralize process control in the field.


In our range:

  • Isles of valves
  • Pneumatic valves
  • Control cabinets
  • Accessories


Our technical sales office is available to study the suitable solution for specific applications.