Bürkert Valves For Microfluidics And Pumps

We are able to devise solutions for handling even the smallest volumes of liquids.

In order to meet the particular needs deriving from miniaturization and the particular field of application, the following criteria are fundamental in the development of new solutions:

  • MAXIMUM ACCURACY: In the world of microliters, precision and reproducibility are an absolute must. Through innovative solutions and extremely precise production standards, we are able to meet demand for both fast and reproducible response times and long device life.
  • EXCELLENT CLEANABILITY: In particular when dealing with biological fluids, cross-contamination must be prevented. Our products offer excellent cleanability thanks to optimized flow-through and high-precision modulation.
  • REDUCED INTERNAL VOLUME: The more valuable the resources, the more efficiently they should be used. That is why we take special care in minimizing the internal volume during the development of standard components and individual systems. This not only means that the cleanability of a system is improved but the utilization of the fluids circulating in the system is also maximized.
  • EXCEPTIONAL CHEMICAL RESISTANCE: No matter if it is cell suspensions, acids or highly concentrated solvents, we have a solution at your fingertips with a wide range of materials for a wide range of applications. Our chemical laboratory works with instrumental application specialists to ensure an optimal choice even for critical applications.
  • REDUCED HEAT TRANSFER IN THE FLUID: To avoid uncontrolled heat transfer in the fluid, we strictly keep the solenoid and fluid chamber separated from each other. In addition, optionally integrated energy-saving electronics can reduce heat production.


These are the criteria for reliable dosing. But it is not just about dosing, many processes require the transport of the fluid from a storage tank to its area of ​​use.

Our valves complete this task, whether it is aggressive or neutral, high or low viscosity fluids.

It is possible to create systems for very complex fluids with valves, sensors, regulators and pumps thus offering complete transport, regulation and control processes.

We design an entire process that includes pressure control components, the system calibration and communication.


Our technical sales office is available to study the suitable solution for specific applications. We can provide you with the complete dosing process from feeding to dispensing.