Capsule pressure gauge dn 63 mm

Instruments designed for the measurement of very low pressures and vaccum of gazeous, non aggressive, dry medias

– Capsule gauge with stainless steel case diameter 63 mm
– Process connection in copper alloy, nickel plated
– Elastic element in copper alloy
– Dry
– Back or bottom process connection
– Plastic window
– Protection degree IP55
– Accuracy class 1,6% fsv

091A.C09821M -400/0 mBAR 1/4"BSP M
091A.C09921M -600/0 mBAR 1/4"BSP M
091A.C07221M 0/60 mBAR 1/4"BSP M
091A.C07321M 0/100 mBAR 1/4"BSP M
091A.C07421M 0/160 mBAR 1/4"BSP M
091A.C07521M 0/250 mBAR 1/4"BSP M
091A.C07621M 0/400 mBAR 1/4"BSP M
091A.C07721M 0/600 mBAR 1/4"BSP M

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