Designed to protect pressure measuring instruments from pulsating pressure applications. Sudden pressure changes are damped before they reach the sensing element, protecting it from high stress. This make easier reading and helps to prolong the life of the instrument.

– Needle dampeners (max 400 bar) and porous dampeners (max 1000 bar)
– In stainless steel AISI316 or brass
– Connections ¼”BSP M/F,½”BSP M/F, ½”NPT M/F

470.421M21F 1/4"BSP M/F MP4/7 AISI316
470.441M41F 1/2"BSP M/F MP4/7 AISI316
470.443M43F 1/2"NPT M/F MP4/7 AISI316
450.441M41F 1/2"BSP M/F MP4/5 AISI316
450.443M43F 1/2"NPT M/F MP4/5 AISI316

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