Differential pressure gauges dn 100 and 150 double diaphragm, NP400

These instruments are used to check filter obstructions, pressure drops, flow rate differences, level, measurements and generally the difference between two pressures of equal of different circuits. The measuring element is formed by two diaphragms, acting on the same movement. In theis way the pointer senses only the difference between the two pressures corresponding respectively to upstream and downstream circuit pressure. They can be supplied with diaphragm seals to be resistant to aggressive medias.

– Differential pressure gauge with stainless steel case, diameter 100 and 150 mm
– Max static pressure 400 bar
– Ranges from 0/0,4 to 0/10 bar (or other equivalent unit)
– Stainless steel movement, st. st. AISI316L process connections
– Elastic element: double diaphragm in st. st. AISI316L/Duratherm
– With back or front flange
– Tempered glass window
– Accuracy class 1,6% fsv
– Standard protection degree IP55 (IP65 and IP67 available)
– Other executions available on request: Atex execution, glycerine or silicon oil filled case, electrical contacts, AISI316 case and ring, safety glass window.