Electronic pressure switch

The electronic pressure switch combines three functions in a single solution: digital indicator, pressure switch and pressure transmitter. Used for monitoring and intervention in industrial automation activities, it allows you to manage the pressure of liquid and gaseous fluids, even in hygienic-sanitary applications if complete with a suitable diaphragm seal.

-Electronic pressure switch

-Accuracy ≤0,5%

-Output signal 4/20 mA

-Output switch 2XPNP adjustable alarms

-Supply voltage 10÷30 VCC

-Led display, 4 digits

-Silicon piezoresistive sensor

-Body in AISI316, wetted parts in aisi316L

-M12x1,5 electrical connection

-Process connection G 1/4″BSPP

-Protection degree IP65

– Rotatable head 330°


-Different ranges, output, special executions: available on request

-Rapid diaphragm seal mounting

EL.STR02.081CIPWMR14 0/1 BAR 1/4"BSP M
EL.STR02.082CIPWMR14 0/1,6 BAR 1/4"BSP M
EL.STR02.083CIPWMR14 0/2,5 BAR 1/4"BSP M
EL.STR02.084CIPWMR14 0/4 BAR 1/4"BSP M
EL.STR02.085CIPWMR14 0/6 BAR 1/4"BSP M
EL.STR02.086CIPWMR14 0/10 BAR 1/4"BSP M
EL.STR02.087CIPWMR14 0/16 BAR 1/4"BSP M
EL.STR02.088CIPWMR14 0/25 BAR 1/4"BSP M
EL.STR02.089CIPWMR14 0/40 BAR 1/4"BSP M
EL.STR02.090CIPWMR14 0/60 BAR 1/4"BSP M
EL.STR02.091CIPWMR14 0/100 BAR 1/4"BSP M
EL.STR02.092CIPWMR14 0/160 BAR 1/4"BSP M
EL.STR02.093CIPWMR14 0/250 BAR 1/4"BSP M
EL.STR02.094CIPWMR14 0/400 BAR 1/4"BSP M
EL.STR02.095CIPWMR14 0/600 BAR 1/4"BSP M
EL.STR02.096CIPWMR14 0/1000 BAR 1/4"BSP M
EL.STR02.280CIPWMR14 -1/0 BAR 1/4"BSP M
EL.STR02.205CIPWMR14 -1/+5 BAR 1/4"BSP M

If the quantity available in stock is not enough to satisfy your requirement, please don’t hesitate to contact us! We have many alternatives that may solve your urgent need.

Different executions available on request