Glass tube thermometer

Complete range of industrial glass tube thermometers, in brass or stainless steel. They are mainly designed for the chemical and petrochemical industry, air conditioning and conventional power plants. They are built according to customers’ needs: different bulbe lengths, mounting types, process connections..

– Industrial glass tube thermometer
– Version with anodized aluminium or gold color case: case dimensions 110X35 – 150X35 – 200X35 mm; ranges from -50/+50°C to 0/600°C; accuracy 1 subdivision; bulb dn 11 in brass or carbon steel
– Version with waterproof case in light alloy: case dimensions 180X55 – 250X55 mm; ranges from -50/+30°C to 0/500°C; accuracy ±1% fsv; thermowell dn 11 mm in brass or stainless steel
– Mounting: bottom, back, 90° angle, 135° angle, every angle (only for waterproof model)