Pressure gauge with “internal” electrical contacts, case, brass int.

Instruments used to control the electrical operation of compressors, pumps, presses, hydraulic and pneumatics equipment, chemical and petrochemical plant. The contacts open or close the circuit depending on the position of the indicating pointer and they are adjustable over the whole range. For application on severe working conditions, such as rapid and frequent pressure change, vibration and pulsation, they are manufactured with the case liquid filled. The filling drastically reduces the effect of such factors as well as those caused by a corrosive atmosphere, giving longer life and better performances of the pressure gauge and their electric contacts. They are also available with inductive contacts intrinsecally safe.

– Pressure gauge with electrical contacts, case diameter 100 and 150 mm
Wetted parts in brass (process connection in copper alloy, bourdon tube in copper alloy (for ranges – Dry or silicon oil filled
– Back process connection
– Plastic window
– Protection degree IP55 for dry execution, IP65 for filled execution
– Accuracy class ±1% fsv for dry execution, ±1,6% for filled execution
– Mechanical contact: sliding contact, magnetic snap-action, electronic, inductive