Probe thermometers

Probe termometers, a complete range of portable instruments for pressure and temperature. Main applications: food industry/HACCP, laboratory, engineering, chem/pharmaceutical, environmental, rubber/plastics, HVAC, general industry

– A range of professional, robust, portable thermometers and probes provide a choice of specifications to suit many different applications
– Range: -200/+1200°C (depending on the model)
– Accuracy: from ±0,2% to ± 1% (depending on the model)
– Backlit display, auto ranging display and auto switch off selectable, low battery indicator, selection of different units
– Attractively styled, strong, extruded aluminium case or strong-moulded PC/ABS case. Compact dimensions.
– Standard probe selection or customized probes, type K and T
– Optional: calibration report, carrying case, USB output…