Pressure gauge dn 50 ABS Back connection

For gaseous and liquid media that are not highly viscous or crystallising and will not attack copper alloy parts

– Pressure gauge with ABS plastic case, diameter 50 mm
– Internals and wetted parts in brass
– Back process connection 1/8”BSPT or 1/4″BSPT in brass
– Plastic window
– Accuracy class ±2,5% fsv

HDG.ODB20112M -1/0 BAR/inHg 1/8”BSPT M
HDG.ODB10312M 0/2,5 BAR/PSI 1/8”BSPT M
HDN.ODB10312M 0/2,5 BAR/PSI 1/8”BSPT M neutral dial
HDG.ODB10322M 0/2,5 BAR/PSI 1/4”BSPT M
HDG.ODB10412M 0/4 BAR/PSI 1/8”BSPT M
HDG.ODB10512M 0/6 BAR/PSI 1/8”BSPT M
HDG.ODB10522M 0/6 BAR/PSI 1/4”BSPT M
HDG.ODB10612M 0/10 BAR/PSI 1/8”BSPT M
HDG.ODB10622M 0/10 BAR/PSI 1/4”BSPT M
HDG.ODB11612M 0/12 BAR/PSI 1/8”BSPT M
HDG.ODB11622M 0/12 BAR/PSI 1/4”BSPT M
HDG.ODB10722M 0/16 BAR/PSI 1/4”BSPT M

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Different executions available on request