Pressure gauge, turret case, vibration-proof execution dn 125

Solid-front pressure gauges, turret case, vibration proof execution diameter 125 mm

– Solid-front pressure gauge, turret case diameter 125 mm
– Case and blow out disk in strengthened polyammides with fiber glass, UV rays stabilized. Process connection in st. st. AISI316L, bourdon tube st. st. AISI316L
– Bottom or back process connection
– Tempered glass window
– Accuracy: 2A grade as per ASME B40.1 (±0,5% fsv)
– Dampened movement, vibration-proof execution
– In case of leaks or break of the elastic element, the operator is protected by a solid separating wall placed on the front of the instrument and by the blow out back
– Built in conformity with the construction and safety specification of ASME B40.1 and UNI-EN 837-2