Pressure gauge valves

Complete line of pressure gauge cocks and valves. It is available a cheaper range in brass for low pressure or a range for operational use where there is high temperature and sharp temperature excursions. These are normally applied to tubing, machines or systems where it is necessary to be able to regulate or cut-off supply or discharge fluid flow. They have been designed and created to be a safe back-up instrument to pressure gauges, while offering at the same time the possibility of controlling fluids.

– 2/3 way valves for pressure gauges with or without flange for test pressure gauge
– By-pass valves
– Body in st. st. AISI316, carbon steel or brass
– GRAPHOIL gasket seal
– Connections ¼”BSP, 3/8”BSP, ½”BSP or ½”NPT
– With or without bleeding screw
– Many different executions available on request (as per example “Oxygene service” version)

340.341M41F 1/2"BSP M/F MP 3/34 ASTM A/105
340.441M41F 1/2"BSP M/F MP 3/34 AISI316
34F.441F41M 1/2"BSP M/F MP 3/34F AISI316
360.341M41F 1/2"BSP M/F MP 3/36 ASTM A/105
360.443M43F 1/2"NPT M/F MP 3/36 AISI316
050.441M41F 1/2"BSP M/F MP 3/5 AISI316
050.443M43F 1/2"NPT M/F MP 3/5 AISI316
060.443F43F 1/2"NPT F/F MP 3/6 AISI316

If the quantity available in stock is not enough to satisfy your requirement, please don’t hesitate to contact us! We have many alternatives that may solve your urgent need.

Different executions available on request