Pressure transmitters for food and sanitary appl., std and ATEX

Electronic pressure transmitter for use in food, pharmaceutical, sanitary industry and water treatement. Construction and finishing in compliance with norm 74-06 of 3A. Diaphragm clamp or DIN process connection, for crystallizzing, viscous, sedimentous fluids or fluctuating pressure. For high temperature this model is available with heat dissipator.

– Pressure transmitter for food industry and sanitary application
– Construction and finishing as per norm 74-06 of 3A
– Process connection DIN11851, SMS, ISO2852 (clamp) with flushing diaphragm
– Sensor: piezoresistive for ranges ≤ 1,6 bar, ceramic for ranges > 1,6 bar
– Process connection and diaphragm in AISI316L, stainless steel case, vented for pressure ranges ≤16 bar
– Ranges: from vacuum to 40 bar
– Accuracy ±0,25% FSV typical, ±0,5% FSV max
– Repeatability: ≤0,15% FSV
– Process fluid temperature: -10/+100°C; ambient temperature: -10/+85°C
– Storage temperature: -10/+85°C
– Output signal: 4…20 mA, 0…5 Vdc, 0…10 Vdc
– Zero and range calibration: ±10% FSV typical
– Electric connection EN175301-803, exit for cables Ø6…9 mm
– Protection degree IP65
– Model with heat dissipator available on request for temperatures -10/+150°C
-Atex version available on request (II 1 GD Ex ia IIC Ex iaD 20 or II 1/2 GD Ex ia IIC Ex iaD 20)
– Other executions available on request


Item suitable for “F.C.M.” Food Contact Material


They are conform to: Regulation 1935/2004/EC – Regulation 2023/2006/EC – M.D. March 21, 1973 – D.P.R August 23, 1982 n.777