Pressure transmitters with local readout for homogenizers

The pressure transmitter with local readout for homogenizers, is composed by a double elastic element: bourdon tube and electronic sensor. This guarantees a continuity in the measurement, even in case one of the sensors fails. It is appreciated for its high technical performance: vibrations and pulsations proof and adjustable calibration system. It is in accordance to the 3A norm for food and sanitary applications.

– Pressure transmitter with local readout for homogenizer, case diameter 100 mm
– Construction and finishing as per norm 74-06 of 3A
– Double elastic element: bourdon tube and electronic sensor
– Dry or liquid filled execution
– Ranges: from 0/1 bar to 0/1600 bar or equivalent units
– Accuracy: local readout ±1% FSV (≤ 1,6% for ranges > 600 bar); transmitter ±0,5% FSV
– Process fluid temperature: -10/+120°C
– Ambient temperature: -10/+65°C
– Output signal: 4…20 mA, 0…5 Vdc, 0…10 Vdc (for ranges ≤600 bar); 4…20 mA (for ranges > 600 bar)
– Electric connection : junction box as per VDE with exit for cables (Ø 7…13 mm)
– Protection degree: IP55 for dry execution, IP67 for filled version
– Stainless steel case and ring
– Process connection and bourdon tube in AISI 316 L
– Tempered glass window
– Process connection sas per dwg SA335, SA308, SA167, SA422
– Different executions available on request


Item suitable for “F.C.M.” Food Contact Material


They are conform to: Regulation 1935/2004/EC – Regulation 2023/2006/EC – M.D. March 21, 1973 – D.P.R August 23, 1982 n.777