Portable pressure gauges

A complete range of portable instruments for pressure and temperature. Main applications: food industry/HACCP, laboratory, engineering, chem/pharmaceutical, environmental, rubber/plastics, HVAC, general industry

– A range of Micro controlled based, compact, lightweight, portable manometers to measure pressure: relative, differential, vacuum and absolute.
– Range: from 0/20 mbar to 0/7 bar
– Accuracy: ± 0,25% VFS
– Attractive, strong & lightweight moulded PC-ABS case or extruded Aluminium case
– Hygienically smooth, splashproof surfaces
– Digital zero adjust button, Selection of different measuring units, Auto ranging display, Backlit display, Splashproof IP65 as standard (IP67 optional), Low battery indicator, Auto switch off – selectable, Compact size, Optional USB output
– Optional: calibration report, carrying case