The pig tails and coil siphons are used for measurement of pressure with vapour and are mounted between the instrument (pressure gauge, pressure switch, pressure transmitter) and the process. A part of the pipe remain always filled of condensation and this avoid the direct contact between the high temperature vapour and the instrument. Another use of these accessories is the heating dispersion, this avoid also to the instrument to work at dangerous temperature.

– Siphons
– Material stainless steel AISI316 or carbon steel
– Connections 1/2”BSP M/F, 1/2”NPT M/F

550.E43M43F 1/2"NPT M/F MP5/5 A106 gr.B
560.441M41F 1/2"BSP M/F MP5/6 AISI 316L
560.443M43F 1/2"NPT M/F MP5/6 AISI 316L
566.441M41F 1/2"BSP M/F MP5/66 AISI 316L

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