Solid-front test gauge dn150 mm kl 0,25%

These instruments have been designed for laboratories, instrument testing or recalibration facilities and in other applications where accuracy and repeatability are of primary importance. These intruments have a solid separating wall in stainless steel, placed between the dial and the elastic element and an integral blow out back that is released from the case whenever a pressure is created inside the case, due to leaks or accidental ruptures of the elastic element. Thay can be used with fluids or gasses that do not have high viscosity and do not cristallize. The wetted parts in beryllium copper permits higher accuracy. They are supplied with a calibration report issued by our laboratory and upon request we can supply the calibration certificate issued by an Internationally recognized laboratory of ACCREDIA.

– Test gauge, stainless steel case diameter 150 mm, solid-front
– Process connection in stainless steel AISI316 L
– Bourdon tube in beryllium copper alloy
– Dry
– Bottom or back process connection
– Safety glass window
– Protection degree IP55
– Accuracy class 0,25% fsv
– Dial with anti-parallax mirror band and knife-edge pointer
– All instruments are supplied with calibration report referred to master primary instrument



 A40: Pressure gauge holder

171A.G28041M -1/0 BAR 1/2"BSP M
171A.G08041M 0/0,6 BAR 1/2"BSP M
171A.G08141M 0/1 BAR 1/2"BSP M
171A.G08241M 0/1,6 BAR 1/2"BSP M
171A.G08341M 0/2,5 BAR 1/2"BSP M
171A.G08441M 0/4 BAR 1/2"BSP M
171A.G08541M 0/6 BAR 1/2"BSP M
171A.G08641M 0/10 BAR 1/2"BSP M
171A.G08741M 0/16 BAR 1/2"BSP M
171A.G08841M 0/25 BAR 1/2"BSP M
171A.G08941M 0/40 BAR 1/2"BSP M
171A.G09041M 0/60 BAR 1/2"BSP M
171A.G09141M 0/100 BAR 1/2"BSP M
171A.G09241M 0/160 BAR 1/2"BSP M
171A.G09341M 0/250 BAR 1/2"BSP M
171A.G09441M 0/400 BAR 1/2"BSP M
171A.G09541M 0/600 BAR 1/2"BSP M
171A.G09641M 0/1000 BAR 1/2"BSP M

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