Compact temperature probes

Complete range of miniature temperature probes, with threaded of sanitary process connection. For sanitary applications, food and beverage industry, bio and pharmaceutical industry, breweries, machine building, plant and vessel construction, hydraulics. Thanks to compact design for space-saving, they are adapt to be mounted in small spaces. it is possible to select immersion length and process connection, to adapt the instrument to each specific application.

– Standard or sheathed thermocouples and temperature resistance detectors (RTD’s)
with compacted mineral oxide insulation
– Thermocouples for high temperature (up to 1600°C) and handle temperature probes
– Thermocouples and thermoresistances according to ATEX 94/9/CE. Complete thermoelement assemblies approved EExd
– Multiple Thremocouples and Thermoresistances
– Temperature probes with display and transmitters (4/20 mA output)
– Customized temperature probes
– Built-up and bar-stock thermowells
– High standard quality check: visual, dimensional, mechanical, electrical inspections. Other tests on request.