Thermometer for power transformers

Thermometer with electrical contacts and micro contacts for the control, intervention and transmission of the alarm signal.
It is widely used on low/medium voltage oil-filled power transformers. It is designed and manufactured according to the specific needs of the customer, customizing the variables, such as: case diameter, range, number and type of electrical contacts, length and type of cable, maximum pointer adjustable from inside or outside, length and diameter of bulb and capillary, process connection.
This type of thermometer is designed to withstand vibrations that can be generated by the transformer during its use.

Inert gas filled thermometer
Range: from -160°C to +500°C
Ambient temperature: -25/+65°C
Electrical Operation: 2 Maximum Contacts (alarm and snap-action), with magnetic blocks to prevent electric arcs and false manoeuvres due to vibrations (other options: ask to Technical Dept.)
Contact indicating pointers: Blue and red, adjustable from outside
Protection degree: IP55
Contact Adjustment: Within 10% and 75% of the V.EE.
Electrical connection: 2 mt cable as standard, section 0,5 mm (other options as per customer specification)
Process connection: 3/4″, 1/2”, 1″ GAS M in AISI316, rotary and removable (other options as per customer specification).
Capillary: AISI304, AISI304 armoured (other options: ask to Technical Dept.)
Max working pressure: 15 bar (without thermowell)