Water proof diaphragm pressure switches

Diaphragm pressure switch suitable for a variety of applications such as: chemical, petrochemical and conventional power station. They withstand the most unfavourable working conditions, caused by either the process fluid aggrassiveness or high ambient temperature.

– Water proof diaphragm pressure switch
– Ranges 0/1…0/25 bar
– Complete of 1 SPDT microswitch (different executions available: standard, SPLASH, goldplated, inert gas filled, inert gas filled goldplated, adjustable dead band, SPLASH VDC, inert gas filled VDC)
– Differential: fixed or adjustable from 10% to 50% of setting range (depending on microswitch)
– Internal set point adjustment
– Protection degree IP55
– Process temperature max 100°C, ambient temperature -25/+65°C
– Process connection and diaphragm in AISI316
– Case and cover in painted aluminium

03.20083C123F 0/2,5 BAR 1/4"NPT F
03.20084C123F 0/4 BAR 1/4"NPT F
03.20085C123F 0/6 BAR 1/4"NPT F
03.20086C123F 0/10 BAR 1/4"NPT F
03.20087C123F 0/16 BAR 1/4"NPT F
03.20088C123F 0/25 BAR 1/4"NPT F

If the quantity available in stock is not enough to satisfy your requirement, please don’t hesitate to contact us! We have many alternatives that may solve your urgent need.

Different executions available on request