Customized Services

A complete range of services and solutions

Our mission is to offer our customers high-quality tools and tailor-made services that are useful in meeting the challenges of industrial applications, reliably and efficiently

Your satisfaction is our goal.

Filling with shock-absorbing oil

The instruments can be filled with shock-absorbing oil specially selected for the specific application, ensuring optimal operation even under harsh conditions and an extended service life.

Customized dials

You can put your signature on your instruments: we customize dials with customers’ logo, coloured sectors and unit of measure according to specification, for truly unique instruments.

Manifold assembly and pressure testing

Our experts perform manifold assembly on your instruments and pressure test them to ensure maximum reliability and accuracy.

Dedicated repair service

In case of breakages or technical problems, our repair service is at your disposal: we carry out a thorough technical analysis, assess the application and suggest technical solutions to restore optimum performance.

Mounting accessories

We also offer various accessory assembly services on request. This includes operations such as welding flanges for panel mounting, fitting siphons and bypass valves to adapt instruments to your specific requirements.

Setting up points of operation

Our trained technicians can set the switching points for pressure switches and thermostats to ensure that the instruments meet your exact control requirements.