Ready in stock

Ready for delivery in 24/48 hours for stock material

Our warehouse was established in the 1980s as a stock to cope with our customers’ emergencies. But, anticipating the evolution of the market, prompt delivery has become our working method, and now our stock counts over 80,000 pieces. Deliveries within 24/48 hours are guaranteed for hundreds of codes, which can also be customized with accessories and work carried out in our workshop.

To be even more prompt and efficient, we can also take care of transport. Thanks to our logistics partners who provide express services, the goods reach their destination very quickly and at very favourable rates. This is done not by means of complex computer systems or the obligation to purchase online, but thanks to our staff, available by phone, e-mail or fax. A qualified and competent team will help you solve your requests quickly and easily.

Fast deliveries and reduced storage costs

We offer fast deliveries to ensure that your orders are delivered on time. With our efficient warehouse management, we enable you to minimize storage costs. Thanks to the speed of our deliveries, you can minimize the amount of inventory you have to maintain, allowing you to save on storage costs.

Comprehensive warehouse and reduced running costs

Our stock consists not only of frequently used items, but also of sought-after and low-frequency codes Furthermore, if an item is not available in the warehouse, we can produce it to specification. This comprehensive product range allows you to reduce the number of suppliers and management costs. You will be able to centralize orders and reduce shipments, optimizing efficiency.

Customized stock and service for distributors

In our warehouse, we have an area for ‘dedicated’ stock. If you do not find an article in stock but use it regularly, we can manage the stock for you. In addition, we understand the importance of reducing production stoppages: our fast delivery times help you get the necessary parts quickly to avoid interruptions in your production line. If you are a distributor, you can take advantage of our warehouse to offer a quick service to your customers, guaranteeing their satisfaction.