Our services

Rapid Delivery

24/48h for instruments ready in stock


Prompt delivery is what we want to give to our customers, at least for the biggest part of our range.
For this reason over 80˙000 pieces are available in stock and we can supply them with very short delivery time.
Shipment in 24/48 h are guaranteed for hundreds of codes, also with accessories and personalized executions we make in our laboratory.
To give a complete and quicker service, we have good partnerships with express forwarders that deliver very rapidly and with good prices in Europe and worldwide.
This great service is supplied thanks to our staff that is at your disposal by phone, e-mail or fax: they are happy to process your queries and requests in a quick and uncomplicated manner.

Thanks to our organization, you can :
– Receive goods in very short time
– Save space in your warehouse
– Reduce very expensive storage costs: it’s us that store for you!
– Reduce purchasing costs: we have a very wide range of items ready and what it’s not ready can be manufactured according to your needs. This enables you to focus your purchasing on fewer suppliers and save money (less orders to be sent, less shipments..)
– If you need rapid delivery for an item that we don’t have in stock and you use often, we are ready to meet your requirement and create a stock for you. There is a specific area in our warehouse dedicated to customized stock.

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Calibration report

Certified laboratory ISO 9001:2015

Our modern laboratory is certified ISO 9001:2015 for the issue of calibration reports with reference to master primary instruments

  • Issue of calibration reports in a few days
  • Supply of instruments with calibration reports in a few days
  • Re-issue of calibration report of your instruments
  • Supply of test pressure gauges with calibration reports, available in stock
  • Complete line of temperature and pressure calibration systems

How to obtain the re-issue of calibration report of an instrument?

  • Please send the instrument to our laboratory
  • After our technicians have checked the instrument, the customer care will send you an offer for the re-issue of calibration report and for any other necessary intervention (e.g. re-calibration)
  • As soon as we receive your confirmation, we issue the calibration report and make shipment. In a few days your instruments will be ready for a new life cycle
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Diaphragm Seal Mounting

Rapid Services

In our modern and air-conditioned laboratory we are able to assemble diaphragm seals on
pressure gauges, switches and transmitters.
The services we offer to our customers are:

– assembling and delivery in 1 working week of instruments available in our stock

– mounting of diaphragm seals on customers’ instruments in a few days
(e.g. customers send us their pressure transmitters and we assemble the diaphragm
seal according to their needs)

– replacement of damaged diaphragm seals: customers can save money by changing
only the diaphragm seal if the transmitter is still working

Thanks to our experience and fastness, some important pressure transmitters’ manufacturers
have chosen Strumentazione Industriale as their partner for the supply and assembling of
diaphragm seals on their instruments.

We are able also to supply calibration certificates when required.

We usually fill in the diaphragm seals with “FDA APPROVED” oil that is adapt for sanitary,
pharmaceutical and food applications. Other filling oils are available for very high and
low temperatures or for particular applications.

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