Flush diaphragm pressure transmitters, double sealing

Electronic pressure transmitter with flushing diaphragm with double sealing. Parts in contact with the fluid in st.st. AISI316L. The diaphragm stops any media to enter inside the transmitter. This makes it possible to use this transmitter also with crystallizing, corrosive and viscous fluid. The special process connection shape especially designed allows a more performing cleaning of the diaphragm which is always in contact with the fluid, reducing drastically the maintenance costs. The “Positive Sealing” holds a second sealing in the upper part of the connection, ensuring an oustanding level of safety in case of failure of the first sealing and preventing the leaking of the process fluid.

– Pressure transmitter with flushing diaphragm
– Sensor: piezoresistive
– Process connection and diaphragm in AISI316L, stainless steel case, vented for pressure ranges ≤16 bar
– Ranges: from vacuum to 600 bar
– Non-linearity: ≤0,25% FSV
– Non-repeatability: ≤0,1% FSV
– Accuracy: ≤0,5% FSV
– Process fluid temperature: -30/+100°C; ambient temperature: -20/+85°C
– Storage temperature: -10/+100°C
– Output signal: 4…20 Ma
– Zero and range calibration: ±5% FSV typical
– Electric connection EN175301-803, exit for cables Ø6…9 mm
– Protection degree IP65 (IP68 with electrical connection with cable gland)
– Filling liquid: siliconic oil
– Other executions available on request