In-line gauge isolator

The isolator needle valves are normally used to protect the pressure gauge since they have the double function of dampening pressure surge during opening and of isolating the pressure gauge entirely. Protected by an accurate treatment, subjected to strict tests, they ensure reliability and long life. A rotating swivel nut allows for accurate pressure gauge orientation. The sealing, standard supplied, and inserted in the nut, prevents any drawing between the connection and the gauge.

– Gauge isolator needle valves in-line
– Used to protect the instrument: dampening pressure surge during opening and isolating pressure gauge completely
– Body in steel or stainless steel AISI316
– Connections 1/8”, ¼”, ½”
– Different executions available or request

FT290-14 1/4"BSP M/F FT290 STEEL
FT290-12 1/2"BSP M/F FT290 STEEL
FT290-14*18 1/4"BSP F X 1/8"BSP M FT290 STEEL
FT2290-14 1/4"BSP M/F FT2290 AISI316
FT2290-14NPT 1/4"NPT M/F FT2290 AISI316
FT2290-14*18 1/4"BSP F X 1/8"BSP M FT2290 AISI316
FT2290-14*18S 1/4"BSP F X 1/8"BSP M + NEOPRENE FT2290 AISI316
FT2290-14GF/N 1/4"NPT M X 1/4"BSP F FT2290 AISI316

If the quantity available in stock is not enough to satisfy your requirement, please don’t hesitate to contact us! We have many alternatives that may solve your urgent need.

Different executions available on request