Pressure gauge dn 63 St.St. case, Brass int. back

Instruments designed for use with gaseous or liquid media which do not corrode copper alloy and which do not have high viscosity or do not cristalize. Mainy used on power units, pumps, hydro-cleaning machines, presses, engine compressors, turbines, diesel engines, chemical, petrochemical and refrigerating plants and on machines and equipment where pulsating pressures or mechanical vibrations are apparent (if filled).

– Pressure gauge with stainless steel case, glycerine filled, diameter 63 mm
– Internals and wetted parts in brass
– Back process connection 1/4″BSP in brass (others on request)
– Plastic window
– Accuracy class ±1,6% fsv


– Accessories for panel mounting: front flange 3 holes or u-clamp

103D.C28821M -1/0 BAR/MMHG 1/4"BSP M
102D.C28821M -1/0 BAR/MMHG 1/4"BSP M Dry, fillable
102D.C21121M -1/+0,6 BAR/KPA 1/4"BSP M Dry, fillable
102D.C20321M -1/+1,5 BAR/PSI 1/4"BSP M Dry, fillable
102D.C20421M -1/+3 BAR/PSI 1/4"BSP M Dry, fillable
102D.C20521M -1/+5 BAR/PSI 1/4"BSP M Dry, fillable
102D.C21421M -1/+5 BAR/KPA 1/4"BSP M Dry, fillable
102D.C20621M -1/+9 BAR/PSI 1/4"BSP M Dry, fillable
102D.C20721M -1/+15 BAR/PSI 1/4"BSP M Dry, fillable
102D.C20821M -1/+24 BAR/PSI 1/4"BSP M Dry, fillable
103D.C10121M 0/1 BAR/PSI 1/4"BSP M
103D.C10221M 0/1,6 BAR/PSI 1/4"BSP M
103D.C10321M 0/2,5 BAR/PSI 1/4"BSP M
102D.C10421M 0/4 BAR/PSI 1/4"BSP M Dry, fillable
103D.C10421M 0/4 BAR/PSI 1/4"BSP M
103D.C10521M 0/6 BAR/PSI 1/4"BSP M
102D.C10621M 0/10 BAR/PSI 1/4"BSP M Dry, fillable
103D.C02021M 0/10 BAR/MPA 1/4"BSP M
103D.C10621M 0/10 BAR/PSI 1/4"BSP M
103D.C02121M 0/16 BAR/MPA 1/4"BSP M
103D.C10721M 0/16 BAR/PSI 1/4"BSP M
103D.C02221M 0/25 BAR/MPA 1/4"BSP M
103D.C10821M 0/25 BAR/PSI 1/4"BSP M
103D.C02321M 0/40 BAR/MPA 1/4"BSP M
103D.C10921M 0/40 BAR/PSI 1/4"BSP M
103D.C02421M 0/60 BAR/MPA 1/4"BSP M
103D.C11021M 0/60 BAR/PSI 1/4"BSP M
103D.C02521M 0/100 BAR/MPA 1/4"BSP M
103D.C11121M 0/100 BAR/PSI 1/4"BSP M
103D.C02621M 0/160 BAR/MPA 1/4"BSP M
103D.C11221M 0/160 BAR/PSI 1/4"BSP M
103D.C02721M 0/250 BAR/MPA 1/4"BSP M
103D.C11321M 0/250 BAR/PSI 1/4"BSP M
103D.C02821M 0/300 BAR/MPA 1/4"BSP M
103D.C30021M 0/300 BAR/PSI 1/4"BSP M
103D.C02921M 0/400 BAR/MPA 1/4"BSP M
103D.C11421M 0/400 BAR/PSI 1/4"BSP M
103D.C03021M 0/600 BAR/MPA 1/4"BSP M
103D.C11521M 0/600 BAR/PSI 1/4"BSP M

If the quantity available in stock is not enough to satisfy your requirement, please don’t hesitate to contact us! We have many alternatives that may solve your urgent need.

Different executions available on request